Norflex® Gel

Pain treatment
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Management of Musculoskeletal Pain
and Anti-Inflammation at Home


Less Severe Injuries can be Managed at Home2

Initially, the PRICE principle can be applied to help manage injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments:1

  • Protection – To prevent further injury to the affected muscle or joint. A split or a sling may be used in more severe cases

  • Rest – Rest will give the injured tissue a chance to recover and heal
  • Ice and compression – May help to alleviate swelling and pain. Compression may be applied with a compression bandage
  • Elevation – If a lot of swelling is involved, elevation may drain fluid away from the injured area and help to reduce swelling

It is recommended that you consult your healthcare professional if you suspect that your injury may be more serious e.g.:2

  • You cannot take more than a few steps without severe pain
  • You cannot move the affected limb or joint
  • You experience severe pain directly over the bones of an affected,
  • You experience numbness in any part of the injured area