Stretching is important before and after you exercise.

Stretching is an important component of any exercise program1

Stretching can increase flexibility and improve your joint’s range of motion, helping you move more freely. Ensuring that you have equal flexibility on both sides of your body might also help to protect you from injuries.2

When you’re stretching, ensure that it is a gentle stretch and that you breathe freely as you hold each stretch. You should hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. Don’t bounce or hold a painful stretch. Expect to feel tension while you’re stretching but it shouldn’t hurt. If you feel pain, you’ve gone too far.1

5 Basic stretches which you can do:

Calf stretch 2

  • Stand at arm’s length from a wall or a piece of sturdy exercise equipment
  • Place your right foot behind your left foot
  • Slowly bend your left leg forward, keeping your right knee straight and your right heel on the floor
  • Hold your back straight and your hips forward. Don’t rotate your feet inward or outward
  • Switch legs and repeat

Hamstring stretch 2

  • Lie on your back near a wall
  • Raise your left leg and rest your left heel against the wall
  • Keep your left knee slightly bent
  • Gently straighten your left leg until you feel a stretch along the back of your left thigh
  • Switch legs and repeat

Neck stretch 2

  • Bend your head forward and slightly to the right
  • With your right hand, gently pull your head downward
  • You’ll feel a nice, easy stretch along the back-left side of your neck
  • Repeat on the opposite side

Quadriceps stretch 2

  • Stand near a wall or a piece of sturdy exercise equipment for support
  • Grasp your ankle and gently pull your heel up and back until you feel a stretch in the front of your thigh
  • Tighten your stomach muscles to prevent your stomach from sagging outward, and keep your knees close together
  • Switch legs and repeat

Shoulder stretch 2

  • Bring your left arm across your body and hold it with your right arm, either above or below the elbow
  • Switch arms and repeat

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